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American Fridge Freezer

Contrary to their UK counterparts, American fridge freezers can be quite a bit bigger. Before purchasing a fridge freezer, you will need to take measurements of the hallways, doors, and any steps it requires to pass through.

American fridge freezers are more likely to come with features such as water and Ice dispensers. The plumbing in your kitchen will decide whether a model has been plumbed.

Frost-free technology

Frost free technology is a feature can be found in a majority of American fridge freezers and it prevents the build-up of ice by defrosting it on a timetable. In older models appliances, the appliance needed to be defrosted manually on a regular basis. This was a time-consuming task. Frost-free models can eliminate this time-consuming chore and ensure that your appliance is functioning for longer.

You can also enjoy an energy-efficient refrigerator thanks to this technology since it requires less power to keep your food at the ideal temperature. You'll notice that your electric bill is less, and the environment also benefits.

This technology also permits more storage capacity as in comparison to manual refrigerators. The internal lining of the fridge is made from an inert substance that allows air to circulate easier. This will keep your food at its peak freshness for a longer time even if it's stored for a long time.

In addition to this, you can look forward to having an open and easy-to-clean appliance thanks to the inside design of most frost free models. With shelves that slide out easily and an interior which is fully removable cleaning your refrigerator is quick and simple.

A variety of refrigerator brands now have fridges that use this technology which include LG and Fisher Paykel. The Dual No Frost system of the former utilizes separate cooling systems inside the freezer and refrigerator to prevent the transfer of cold air. This helps prevent smells from mixing. It also prevents dry freezer air from dehydrating your foods.

Having a twin cooling system in your American fridge freezer will also help you to make use of your space more effectively since it stops the cold air from venting into the surrounding air. This is good for the environment, and it keeps your food fresher for longer.

Water and ice dispensers

American fridge freezers are designed to stand out in the kitchen, and a lot of models feature integrated dispensers for water and ice. This feature is convenient and helps save time since you don't have to fill ice cube trays. These dispensers can be used to provide chilled water when cleaning and cooking. It is crucial to remember that you'll need to replace your filter on a regular basis. There are many different models of refrigerator water filters available however, you must pick one that is compatible with your appliance.

Fridge freezers with ice and fridge freezers water dispensers are available in plumbed and non-plumbed varieties and can provide an elegant feel to your kitchen design. Plumbed models have a dispenser integrated into the door, and connect to your home's water supply which means you can drink refreshing, cool water at the push of the button. There are side-by-side and French door fridges equipped with water and ice dispensers and taller options that offer plenty of storage space.

The models without a plumbing system are similar, however they do not have a direct connection with the water supply. Instead, they have an insulated water tank that you can refill when you require. If you're not able install an appliance that can be used as a fridge freezer with an ice dispenser and water dispenser This is a great alternative.

In both cases both cases, the ice and water dispensers in American fridge freezers come with various other clever features that simplify your life. You can find models which automatically defrost your freezer and some even include Keurig Coffee Maker.

Whether you're looking for an American fridge freezer with an elegant filtering water dispenser or a model that has crushed and cubed ice, Grand Appliance and TV has a great selection that will fit into any style of kitchens. Explore our online collection or visit our showroom in person to experience the products for yourself. If you have any questions or concerns our team is here to help.

Space-saving design

The capacity of American fridge freezers is what sets them apart from their UK counterparts. With many models providing up to 30 shopping bags worth of storage space they are ideal for larger families and those who entertain frequently or have a passion for home cooking and a desire to keep food fresh until their intended use dates.

A fridge freezer in the US is the perfect way to cut down on time and make meal planning more efficient. You can easily access essential items like milk and juices with an indoor door. This can save you a significant amount of energy as it keeps the cold air from the main compartment intact.

Internal lighting is another feature that can save energy. It's great those times when you have to open the fridge and grab something you can't see. It will prevent you from opening the door to pick up something that you don't even see.

With their double-opening doors that double open, American fridge freezers make an impressive design feature in any kitchen. They also offer a good deal of storage space with plenty of shelves and compartments to keep you organized. This will help you avoid getting rid of those tins or plastic containers that are in the back of your fridge. It will also lessen stress as it is easier to keep your inventory of what you own.

The size of American fridge freezers may differ It's therefore important to measure your space carefully before purchasing one. Some are as slim as the size of a UK fridge and others are larger and need to protrude to open the doors. UK manufacturers have recognised this and have produced 70cm American fridge freezers specifically designed for the UK market. They provide all the advantages of an American style appliance but are more in line with the proportions of modern UK home.


If you're a foodie who is passionate about cooking, or simply need to ensure that your fresh ingredients are in good supply so they remain as fresh as is possible, an american fridge freezer could be the ideal choice. Many models come with features such as dispensers for ice and water, adjustable shelves with smart connectivity options and many more. But, perhaps most importantly, they can store plenty of space to accommodate large families, or those who regularly host dinner parties or celebrate at home. Many of our American refrigerator freezers are also fitted with plumbing, so you can enjoy unlimited ice and chilled water on tap. However, for greater convenience, look out for non-plumbed models that don't require access to plumbing.

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